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Bookbinders and Book Restorers


Andreia Tibério dos Santos

Fine Binding is a passionate way of living.

Fernando Pinheiro dos Santos

Restoring books is an amazing therapy.


...there is a space to an emptiness that is occupied with puzzled photographic descriptions that convey the final aesthetic approach of the binding...

member of designer bookbinders society UK

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Because we love what we do, we are fully committed to this work giving attention to the finest details. Every day we create, evolve and develop techniques which allow us to put a personal stamp to every single book.

The literary object, a masterpiece in its content, becomes a work of art when bound; it is as though there is a fusion of masterpiece and beauty. 
This is why we are so passionate about what we do.

Born in 1917, Víctor Luiz dos Santos, became later known as one of Portugal’s finest bookbinders and gold tooled craftsman.
Now, we (son and granddaughter) are currently the face, hands and soul of Arte no Livro, following the footsteps and the exact methods and teachings of master Vítor Santos.

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